My Family

I made these for my daughter, Janelle's bridal shower (my first daughter to get married). Since then I have been asked to do these for other showers. Everyone seems to love them, hope you do to. Well as you can see my oldest daughter got married and I used the same things I made for my first shower. I only have two daughters so no more pictures. But maybe more shower stuff if I find some good ones.

Towel Cake
Bow Doll
Ironing Board Bridesmaid
Decorated Sneakers


2 Bath TowelsDecorative Soaps
2 Hand TowelsString of Pearls
2 Wash ClothsSmall Wedding Rings
Narrow RibbonSmall Silk Roses
PinsLarge Silk Flowers
Cake Plate on Pedestal
Carved Soap or Candle for Topper


Fold each bath towel in half lengthwise twice. Roll into a tight coil and use pins to anchor.
Join second bath towel to end of first with pins. Continue coil, pinning at the end and tying layer with narrow ribbon to secure.

Use hand towels for the second layer and wash cloths for the top (rolling each layer the same as the bath towels). Use pins to help keep each layer stable.

Decorative soaps can be tucked between layers, small silk flowers attached to the ribbons where they are tied. Drape the pearls on each layer. Add wedding rings with little bows around at random.

At the top, use carved decorative soap or carved candle, or Large silk flowers.

Ring the bottom of the cake on the plate with large silk flowers. These can be done in the color of the wedding party.


This is a new twist to the paper plate bow holder, and it makes a nice decoration on the table for the remainder of the shower.

16" or 18" Plastic DollDoll Stand
Small Silk Flowers2 Doilies
1 yd. TulleRibbon
Circle of CardboardGlue
Flowers, Pearls, Tulle (veil)


Glue the doilies to the top of the doll, one in front and one in back.

Make a ring of small flowers and pearls, then add the small piece of tulle for the veil, secure this to the doll's hair.

Bunch a group of small flowers for the bouquet and secure with ribbon to the doll's hands.

Place the doll in the stand--place the stand on the circle of cardboard, (that is 4" larger around than the stand). Place both of these in the center of the 1 yd. piece of tulle. Gather the tulle together around the dolls waist and tie with ribbon, to hold it.

Make a slit in the tulle in the back of the doll to push the bows through. The more bows, the fuller the dress becomes.


It just takes a little creativity and a trip to the home store.

Ironing BoardDust Mop
Full Apron2 Wooden Spoons
Rubber GlovesQuiche Pan
2 tart pans2 small round soaps
Mesh Laundry BagFake String of Pearls
Assorted Brushes, Sponges w/ handles
Handi-tak, wire, pins, ribbon


Lay ironing board flat, use wire to attach dust mop to back of board, with mop (hair) at the boards's narrow end.

Turn the board over and tie apron around it, ending with strings hanging in front.

Attach wooden spoon (arms) to ironing board cover with wire. Poke wire through cover and twist around spoons.

Stuff gloves with tissue and place one over the end of each spoon. Use pins to fasten gloves to apron.

Attach pan (face) by tightly wraping wire from side to side around back of ironing board and under dust mop (hair). Use Handi-tak to secure tart pan (eyes) to face, for soap inside each (eye), to secure cork (nose) and bath bead (mouth).

Make bouquet of brushes and tie with ribbon. Secure bouquet with rubber bands. Attach bouquet to front of doll, using apron strings to hold.

Place laundry bag on mop as veil, and add fake pearls under head.

She will be the hit of the party.


Brides Shoes
This is a picture of my oldest daughter Dorin, who was the maid of honor for her sister's wedding. She is very proudly showing the sneakers I made for her to match her gown.

Most of you know that the shoes that are dyed to go with Bride's Maid gowns are not all that comfortable.

So my daughter asked if I could come up with something for the reception and her dancing feet. There it is.